Kanye West Used Porn, Bullying, ‘Mind Games’ to Control Staff – Rolling Stone
“Kanye is just Kanye” familiar refrain to anyone who has had to work with an abuser »
As Elon Musk Cuts Costs at Twitter, Some Bills Are Going Unpaid - The New York Times
Be sure Twitter doesn't owe you money; Musk seems about as reliable as Trump when it comes to paying debts. And Musk himself has said he ... »
Sam Bankman-Fried, Elon, and a secret text | Semafor
when your bullshit meter redlines, immediately ask those for people for money everyone knows this »
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Thanks to @karaswisher and @waltmossberg plugging it, I signed up for the waitlist. You can too if you want. ht... »
Daring Fireball: Report: Amazon Alexa Is a 'Colossal Failure' on Pace to Lose $10 Billion This Year
Report: Amazon Alexa Is a ‘Colossal Failure’ on Pace to Lose $10 Billion This Year »
Elon Musk says Twitter will make DMs encrypted, add video and voice calling - The Verge
Musk's Twitter is apparently going to do end-to-end encrypted DMs with voice and video? Great product idea, very difficult to execute. Al... »
From Twitter to Mastodon: What Happens When Journalists Flock Platforms - The New York Times
a twitter alternative populated only by journalists frankly sounds like a nightmare. »
Richard Fierro: The Army Veteran Who Disarmed the Club Q Gunman - The New York Times
Great quote from the hero about the drag show … “that is what I fought for, so they can do whatever they hell they want.’” »
L.P.D.: Libertarian Police Department - The New Yorker
@defnotbeka @doctorow Very apropos imo »